Group therapy


Why is Group Therapy for me?

Many who enter Group Therapy are currently receiving Individual Therapy or have gone through therapy before.  The benefits of group therapy are many and is a powerful modality of treatment.  It can be normalizing and validating to find others who have similar issues and problems. Group members work to express their own problems, feelings, ideas and reactions as freely and honestly as possible.  Exploration throughout the group process provides individuals with information needed to help understand themselves and also become helpers for the other group members as they go down this journey together. Group therapy is particularly useful for those seeking more connection in their lives and in need of a wider base of support. 

motherhood group

This ongoing group is designed for mothers who are or have experienced the difficulties of motherhood.  Anxiety, daily motherhood struggles, postpartum symptoms, relationships, and depression, are a few of the topics we discuss and share.  It is a supportive and therapeutic group for mothers to be able to take time for themselves, share their experiences, fears, struggles and successes.

1st and 3rd Friday’s - 10am-11:15am; $75/session - Commitment of 8 sessions

Women's Therapy Group

This group offers a safe, challenging and healing environment for women interested in exploring relationship dynamics, marriage, family issues, and the challenges and successes of managing their anxiety or depression. Some common themes shared in this group include wanting to develop and improve relationships, resolving feelings of inadequacy, increasing self-esteem, practicing self-care, healing from loss, feelings of isolation and depression.  

Tuesday's - 11am-12:15pm; $75/session - Commitment of 8 sessions


relationships/Separation/Divorce Group

-new group beginning -

This ongoing therapeutic process group is for men and women interested in exploring relationships/divorce/separation. Some of the themes include dealing with difficult relationships, identity after divorce, online dating, solo-parenting, new relationships, and self care.

1st and 3rd Monday’s - 5:45pm - 7pm; $75/session - Commitment of 8 sessions


NEW GROUP BEGINNING - january 2019

This is a closed group of 4 couples who have committed to meet twice/month for a total of 8 sessions.  This group is for couple's who have gone through or are going through couple's therapy. The group will enhance the couples ability to give and receive the love they want as well as heal patterns between them that get in the way of living a happy and fulfilling life together.  Common discussions may include creating a passionate and desirable partnership, conflict resolution, sexual issues, and communication building. 

1st & 3rd Tuesday’s - 5:45pm-7:30pm; $150/session


Call Yvonne Champion - 832-654-5168 - to schedule an initial consultation if you are thinking about joining one of her groups