What to expect from your first session

Yvonne Champion provides you with sound, caring and compassionate therapy that is derived from over 25 years of experience in various clinical settings.  Beginning Individual or Couple's Therapy is a very big decision and one that should begin with a therapist who is able to understand the many complexities of relationships. Going through Couples and Individual therapy can be liberating and anxiety-provoking at the same time.  Seeking therapy means you are at a point to begin facing obstacles you've been avoiding and are ready to begin living the life you really want to live. 

How long does therapy last?

This can be a difficult question to answer since everyone comes in with varying degrees of issues.  It depends on factors such as the type of problem a couple or individual client is seeking treatment for, how often someone attends sessions, and also how motivated they are willing to work on their goals. 

In Individual Therapy, it is suggested that initial sessions are scheduled once/week.  This allows for the therapeutic relationship between therapist and client to form and also for deep work to begin.  After that, it may be less frequent and can be discussed as the therapy continues.  Some clients may benefit from attending therapy several times a week due to a current crisis or due to needing a more supportive and therapeutic intervention.  Every person is different and that will be assessed during our first session together. 

With Couples Therapy, a commitment of 12 sessions is recommended. We will explore in depth the issues that brought you to therapy and will seek to unravel all that has been experienced throughout your time as a couple and even before you were together.  Couples therapy can be difficult at times but also quite strengthening to a couple's relationship.  I often say that couples can experience a “new marriage” with the same person after going through therapy. We will "dig deep" into the various aspects of your relationship in order to seek a better understanding of one another. The hope is that your relationship is not one that is SURVIVING but THRIVING!  In our sessions I utilize my training in various types of therapy modalities including Imago Therapy and training with Esther Perel. The hope is that individuals and couples can use these various techniques outside of the therapy room throughout their lifetime and in various relationships.

is insurance accepted?

Insurance companies require therapists to provide a mental health diagnosis in order to provide treatment, and this can jeopardize your confidentiality. They also have a right to demand details about the therapy and limit the number of sessions you may choose to attend.  For these reasons, Champion Counseling is not listed on any insurance panel, and is considered an “out of network” provider. Payment is due at the time of your session. Should you wish to pursue insurance reimbursement, it is essential to verify the extent of your “out of network” mental health coverage from your provider. A statement of services rendered can be provided for you to submit to your insurance carrier. Due to the variation among insurance plans, please be aware that in many instances the reimbursement rate may approximate your copay amount.

Therapy Fees:

Initial Session (80-minute) $220

Individual sessions (50-minute) $175

Couple's therapy sessions (80-minute) $220

Online Video Therapy Appointments - Available 7 days/week

Champion Counseling utilizes Online Video Therapy for clients who are unable to seek face-to-face therapy services due to location and time constraints, traveling away for business, physical limitations, and/or other life circumstances.  

Technology-based therapy is set-up for individuals to have access to a psychotherapist no matter where they are in the world. Online therapy allows the client flexibility, comfort and convenience of receiving quality therapy from their home or office and through encrypted, secure video-conferencing.  

You will meet with your therapist "virtually" using VSee - a free program you download onto your computer.  It is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) compliant and very easy to use.  You will enable your webcam for a virtual experience - to see and be seen by your therapist.  It will be similar to a face-to-face office session but from the comfort of where you need to be. It is highly advised that the location you are in is private and free of distractions.  Your therapist will send you information prior to your session to help you set up the program and be ready for your first session.