This can be a difficult question to answer.  It depends on factors such as the type of problem a couple or individual client is seeking treatment for, how often someone attends sessions, and also how motivated and able a client is to work on their goals. 

In Individual Therapy, most clients attend once/week for 3-4 months.  After that, it may be less frequent for a few more months.   There are times as well that a client may attend several times a week due to a current crisis or need to have a more supportive and therapeutic intervention.  Every person is different and that will be assessed within the first session. 

With couples, a commitment of 12 sessions is recommended.  Keep in mind, as the work intensifies, couples find it is essential to attend weekly sessions in order to work through their difficulties and into a stronger relationship.  Imago Therapy and other types of therapy modalities will be accessed so couples can use these techniques for the lifetime of their relationship. 


Champion Counseling utilizes Online Therapy for clients who are unable to seek face-to-face therapy services due to location, traveling away for business, physical limitations, and/or other life circumstances.  Technology-based therapy is set-up for individuals to have access to a psychotherapist no matter where they are in the world. This mode of access greatly helps make therapy accessible to all.  Online therapy allows the client flexibility, comfort and convenience of receiving quality therapy from their home or office and through encrypted, secure vide0-conferencing.  

You will meet with your therapist "virtually" using VSee - a free program you download onto your computer.  It is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) compliant and very easy to use.  You will enable your webcam to see and be able to communicate just as you would in a face-to-face in-office session.  It is advised that where you set up yourself for the session is private and free of distractions.  Your therapist will send you information prior to your session to help you set up the program and to be ready for your session.  

Appointment times are available 7 days/week.  Payment due when scheduled.  

Call to discuss the possibility of utilizing Online Therapy and see if it may be right for you.  832-654-5168



Unlike traditional weekly psychotherapy, destination therapy work provides an intense period of change within a short period of time.  Clients often find this type of therapy refreshing and stimulating.  A few hours or days of intense work is often more effective and more efficient than frequent short visits in a typical office setting.  Our work together will be tailored to you and what is going on in your life.  

Individual Intensive - There are times when life becomes intensely complicated and can feel like there's no way to pick up the pieces.  The first day is an intense 3-hour session designed to provide you with the help you need to deal with with the difficult stressors you may be faced with, relationship issues that seem confusing and irreparable or other road blocks you are currently dealing with.  We will meet the following day for a closure session (2 hours) to process what was experienced in your first session, continue to explore what may have come up for you since we met and to map out where you go from here.  At the end of our work together, it may be decided to meet again for a future intensive session or for a follow-up online therapy session.

Couples Intensive - A Couples Intensive can be set up in as little as a 3 hour session and also up to several days of intensive work.  A couple's intensive is personalized to each couple's specific issues.  Often times, couples who are seeking an Intensive session are in a relationship crisis; such as, healing from an affair, intense family conflict.  Other times, couples come in for an Intensive session to deepen sexual intimacy and to improve communication within their relationship. There will be therapeutic exercises as well as deep, intensive therapy for restoring and rebuilding your marriage.  Intensive therapy is to assist with breaking down communication obstacles, uncover barriers that are leading to  conflict, and to gain more insight and knowledge into the relationship's core issues.  This approach is aimed to lead to long-term change and for the lifetime of your relationship.

Pre-Marital Counseling - This 3-hour Pre-Marital "workshop" will help the couple prepare for their upcoming marriage and beyond.   During this session, couples will dialogue about expectations, how to maintain a fun and healthy relationship, discuss sexual intimacy wants and needs, how to maintain a long-term partnership and how to communicate as a couple for life.  This session is geared for both first time married couples and also for those who are re-entering marriage.  The session will include family of origin work, exercises to explore each other more intimately and processing of current and future relationship expectations and goals.   

Uncoupling/Divorce Counseling - Couples are who looking to separate and divorce in a more kinder and gentler way would benefit from this type of intensive session.  Each of you will have a 2-hour session the first day and on the second day you will meet together for a 3-hour intensive session.  Often times couples who are ending a relationship care for each other and want what is best for their former partner.  Uncoupling and divorcing can create a large amount of stress and conflict for all who are involved, including children.  In our sessions together, we will discuss where you are as a couple, what plans are to be made as you move forward,  how to lessen the amount of stress on you and your family, legal issues that you may be faced with, and how to continue to be there for each other if that is desired.  Discussion of these issues will aid in separating and divorcing in a calm and respectful manner for all those involved.


Starting therapy is a very big step. Couples and Individual therapy can be liberating and anxiety-provoking at the same time.  Seeking therapy means you are at a point to begin facing the obstacles you've been avoiding and are ready to begin living the life you really want to live. Yvonne Champion provides you with sound therapy that is derived from years of experience in various settings, a caring and compassionate environment, and hope for successful and meaningful relationships.  


First Clinical Individual Session - 80-Minute - $220

Individual psychotherapy session - 50-minute $175

Couple's therapy session - 80-minute session $220

In case of late cancellations (less than 24-hour notice) or no-shows for scheduled appointments, you will be billed the full appointment fee. We know there are various reasons why this may be impossible to avoid, please discuss with your therapist.


Champion Counseling is not on any insurance panels and is considered an "out-of-network" provider.  If you want to pursue insurance reimbursement, it is essential to verify with your carrier what your mental health coverage is from an "out-of-network" provider.  Your payment is due at the time of the session and a statement of services rendered can be provided for you to submit to your carrier if you wish to do so.  Sometimes, the reimbursement rate may be close to what your copay would have been.  Everyone's insurance plan is different.  

There are several reasons why Champion Counseling does not accept insurance.  First, insurance companies require therapists to provide a mental health diagnosis in order to provide treatment and this jeopardizes your confidentiality.  Secondly, insurance companies have a right to demand details about the therapy you receive.  Thirdly, insurance companies may set limits on the number of psychotherapy sessions you are "allowed" to attend.  

Clients at Champion Counseling receive the appropriate type of treatment that is clinically indicated for each individual, at the amount of time clinically determined by the therapist.


The information you share is kept confidential and is protected by federal and state laws and by professional rules and ethics.  However, there are a few exceptions in which confidentiality is not protected:

  • If a client indicates that s/he or another person may be a danger to his/herself or others
  • In the case of apparent, suspected or potential child/elder abuse or neglect
  • If clients report sexual abuse by a Regulated Health Care Professional
  • When a court issues a summons for records or testimony
  • If others need information in order to cope with a bona fide emergency.


If you are receiving care from a medical physician or other provider you may provide consent for Yvonne Champion to discuss your care with them.  Often times it proves to be beneficial for your care and progress in therapy.