Yvonne Champion,LCSW,CGP


certified group psychotherapist               


creating fulfilling relationships with individuals and couples

A happy and loving marriage is possible but can be difficult at times. As we try to sort out the problems that arise in a marriage or relationship, we sometimes need a therapist to assist with getting through the difficulty.  Yvonne’s areas of clinical expertise include working with couples and individuals who are having a hard time finding their way through relationships, increasing sexual fulfillment, recovering from an affair, and divorcing consciously. 

In Individual Therapy, Yvonne provides insight and support for women and men in strained relationships and also for those who desire more from their relationships.  Some examples of relationship dilemmas explored in therapy are between spouses/partners, polyamorous relationships, children, work-related environments, extended family, and friendships. Happiness within ourselves leads to happiness in our homes, our work environments, and with others around us. 

When working with couples, Yvonne utilizes various theories, trainings and consultations that are tailored for each couple she works with.  Couples seek counseling to reconnect, revive their marriage, increase sexual satisfaction, and at times to divorce consciously. With compassion and understanding, Yvonne is highly trained help couples connect with each other during therapy and for years to come. 

Group psychotherapy can be a very powerful way for individuals to work through interpersonal issues in a group setting. Currently, Yvonne facilitates 2 ongoing weekly Psychotherapy Groups in Sugar Land.